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Greencore to stockpile in UK in the event of a hard Brexit

Greencore is ready to stockpile ingredients in the UK and change recipes in the event of a hard Brexit that could hit supply lines, according to UK managing director Peter Hayden.

Impax Asset Management plans Ireland subsidiary in preparation for Brexit

Impax Asset Management is planning to establish a subsidiary in Ireland to deal with the potential fallout from Brexit, as it reports a "landmark" year of rising AUM and profits.

Britain's carmaking sector warns on Brexit no-deal 'catastrophe' for the industry

Britain's carmaking sector warned on Tuesday that a no-deal Brexit would be a "catastrophe" for the industry, two weeks ahead of a key parliamentary vote on London's proposed deal with Brussels.

Black Friday sales in Britain fall year-on-year

Black Friday spending in Britain fell year-on-year, credit card data showed on Friday, dealing a blow to retailers who had hoped for strong sales at the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Sales worth more than £7bn forecasted across Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK

Shoppers in Britain were poised to carry on splashing the cash into Cyber Monday, with some forecasts suggesting they planned to spend more than £7bn across Black Friday and the online shopping day.

Brexit impact on UK ‘landbridge’ may ‘adversely affect’ the food sector

The agrifood, seafood and automotive sectors will be adversely affected in particular by the impact of Brexit on the UK “landbridge,” the critical transit route linking Ireland and Europe, a new report finds.

BlackRock to keep its EMEA headquarters in UK post Brexit

BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, will keep its biggest European operation and regional headquarters in Britain after Brexit, moving "only very few" roles to expanded offices in the Netherlands and France, according to a memo to staff.

Fashion chain French Connection confirms it may be up for sale

Struggling fashion chain French Connection has confirmed it may be up for sale, following reports that the company’s founder wants to sell his 42% stake.

Unilever abandons plans to move headquarters to Rotterdam

Unilever, Britain’s third biggest company, has abandoned plans to move its headquarters out of the UK amid mounting opposition from investors.

Deliveroo losses up 43 per cent even as sales double

Despite the impressive growth in sales, the privately owned company recorded an increase in losses by 43 percent following major investments.