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Morrisons employs ‘tree advisers’ to help UK farmers

The advisers will work with Bradford-based Morrisons’ network of 3,000 farmers to help them bring in additional income from their woodland projects

Report says grass-fed beef, lamb should become staple meat

The Sustainable Food Trust’s report finds that changing farming techniques to more sustainable ones would still allow the public to consume meat and dairy

New entity formed to promote startups in agri-food sector

Kentucky offers traditional business incentives from the state, along with agriculture resources such as funding, networking and marketing support for startups

Measures to improve farm run-off resulted in less MCPA

According to the project, the scheme resulted in a ‘marked decrease’ in the volume of MCPA herbicide in the rivers

Scottish government urged to reconsider ban on gene editing

The Scottish Government has long been opposed to the cultivation of GMO, saying they threaten the ‘clean, green status of Scotland’s £15 billion food and drink sector’

UN calls for 'transformation' of agriculture

According to the Global Report on Food Crisis released earlier this month, in 2021 193 million people were acutely food insecure and in need of urgent assistance across 53 countries

UK sheep farmers welcome UN's Global Land Outlook report

The report assessed the degradation of soils around the world, surmising that around half of the world’s population is affected by land degradation

Plans approved for vertical farm in Suffolk

Construction is scheduled to commence later this year, with both Suffolk County Council and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP) overseeing development

Tenant farmer appointed to drive forward farmers’ network

At the start of this year, a phased reduction to existing EU support payments began, whilst emerging trade deals and the impact of the Ukraine conflict are reshaping commodity markets

New York announces new guidance for produce supply system

The document includes guidelines, and voluntary best management practices and protocols, to enhance produce traceability in New York State