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Expert says farmers need more certainty from government

The post-Brexit scheme is intended to pay farmers for actions undertaken which help the environment and will come into effect in 2024

Green groups cautiously welcome climate-friendly plans

The two new schemes detailed today are part of a reinvention of the way the government pays for farming and land use post-Brexit, and updated to reflect the climate and nature crises

Australia’s AgVisa yet to bring new farm workers

The AgVisa was created in October during free trade negotiations with the UK that ended a requirement for British backpackers to work on farms in order to extend their stays in Australia

NSA presses for urgent scrutiny of UK-Australia trade deal

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is pressing for urgent scrutiny of the trade agreement by parliament and the TAC

India releases SOPs for drone application in agriculture

The National Drone Policy has been notified and the Drone Rules 2021 have been made significantly easier for people and companies in the country to now own and operate drones

Saunders appointed Minister for Agriculture for Western NSW

It is part of a major cabinet reshuffle announced by Premier Dominic Perrottet overnight

UK government urged to back British farmers

Every year £2.4 billion is spent on food for the public sector, but campaign group Sustain warns the government is 'wasting millions of pounds on bad food'

Industry leaders disappointed with SFI soil payment rates

Defra secretary George Eustice is set to announce the payment rates for three SFI 2022 soil standards for England at the CLA Rural Business Conference in London on Thursday

Nottingham council to sell off land amid financial pressures

A total of 70 acres off Low Wood Road and bordering High Wood Cemetery, has been declared surplus by the council

Govt. urged to allow pulpwood plantation in degraded land

Raw material security is necessary for the paper industry to become self-reliant, said the IPMA in its pre-budget submission to the finance ministry