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UN urges governments to reappraise support for farming

It also urges less developed countries' governments to consider repurposing their support for toxic pesticides and fertilizers or the growth of monocultures

NOAA grant to expand environmental literacy for students

A $140,082 grant from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) will expand environmental literacy for local schoolchildren through the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Education and Training program, a recent release from Friends of the Rappahannock stated.

FINOLA seed producer fights back against subsidy elimination

The producer of FINOLA cultivation seed is fighting back against a decision that would eliminate subsidies to farmers who cultivate the popular hemp variety in Poland. Meanwhile, Polish agencies which have been authorized by the European Commission (EC) to block the farm supports appear to be...

Hurtado says water curtailment will hurt agriculture

The State Water Board (California) this week approved emergency curtailment for the Delta Watershed, but state Senator Melissa Hurtado says the measures will hurt valley residents.

Agriculture ministry says EACC cleared $0.017bln payment

Kenya’s agriculture ministry says the anti-graft watchdog cleared payment of Sh1.8 billion ($0.017 billion) that was withdrawn from the Central Bank of Kenya’s (CBK) Strategic Food Reserve Trust Fund (SFR) account.

Study reveals Yersinia outbreak linked to pasteurized milk

Over 100 people were sickened during a Yersinia outbreak linked to pasteurized milk in 2019, according to a study. Pasteurized milk may have been cross-contaminated by raw milk during the pasteurization process.

Godminster wins Best of Organic Farms award at BOOM

Godminster Farm has won Best of Organic Farms Over 10 Hectares at the BOOM (Best of Organic Markets) Awards.

NI Agriculture Minister launches business plan

Northern Ireland (NI) Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots has launched his department’s business plan for the year ahead.

Welsh Senedd members vote to review farm pollution rules

Welsh Senedd members have voted to review controversial rules which aim to tackle agricultural pollution in the country.

EU negotiators fail to agree reforms to farming subsidy deal

European Union (EU) negotiators this week failed to agree reforms to the bloc's huge farming subsidy programme, with talks due to resume in June on rules to protect small farms and curb agriculture's environmental impact.