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Cambridge Distillery introduces Three Seasons Gin

Three Seasons Gin will join a collection of ‘world firsts’ from the distiller

Cambridge Distillery is introducing Three Seasons Gin, which will join a collection of ‘world firsts’ from the distiller including Anty Gin - the first gin distilled from insects, Japanese Gin - the first gin distilled purely from Japanese botanicals complementing the juniper, and Truffle Gin - the first digestive gin made from white Piedmont truffle.

Three Seasons is described as “a truly sensorial experience” and has been specifically created to be the key ingredient for a cocktail: The Three Seasons Martini. Three Seasons stimulates the senses with a burst of citrus initially, followed by “a sequence of high-definition expressions of the changing seasons”.

Each seasonal botanical is distilled individually to preserve its essence - spring lemon verbena, summer rose and autumnal blackcurrant leaf - and then blended into a gin which stimulates the senses from its initial citrus burst, to the rounded, generous finish. These English ingredients have been tailored to express themselves chronologically as they would throughout the seasons with the flavours evolving on the palate.

William Lowe, Master of Wine and Master Distiller said: Three Seasons allows the drinker to experience our unique natural surroundings wherever they may be. We have distilled the archetypal botanical essence of each season from our environment and frozen it in time. Drinking the Three Seasons martini transports you here to Cambridge, and allows the best of each season to flow past you with every sip.

He said: My inspiration for Three Seasons is ultimately the Martini - my favourite cocktail. The Martini leaves a gin with nowhere to hide: it is simple and pure. It has three simple, yet complex ingredients: gin, vermouth and the intention to create a drink with timeless elegance. The Martini that you will create with Three Seasons will be like nothing you’ve tasted before.