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Astro receives positive results from heavy minerals testing

HMC was produced in the wet concentrator using conventional mineral sands processing equipment

Astro Resources NL has received positive results from bulk heavy minerals testing carried out on samples from its Governor Broome Heavy Mineral Project in the southwest of Western Australia.

The company completed the wet and dry plant test work program on a 2.6-tonne bulk sample from West Deposit and has also completed sighter test-work on a second bulk sample taken from East Deposit.

Heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) was produced in the wet concentrator using conventional mineral sands processing equipment.

High-grade ilmenite and zircon products were produced from HMC using conventional dry plant mineral separation equipment.

Astro’s chairman Jacob Khouri said: The results from the Governor Broome metallurgical test-work continue to demonstrate the strong possibility of the economic viability of the project.

Particularly pleasing is the recovery of clean, sulphate-grade ilmenite (51% TiO2), chloride-grade ilmenite (61% TiO2) and premium grade zircon (66% ZrO2) products from the heavy mineral concentrate, he said.

Assessment of the potential products by TZMI concluded that the ilmenite and zircon products compare favourably with competing products, meaning that these products will be readily absorbed by the market, he said.

Allied Mineral Laboratories Pty Ltd carried out the work under the supervision of TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd (TZMI).

Bulk samples were sourced from the full depth of the modelled HM mineralisation in all aircore holes drilled by Astro into the West and East deposits during early 2020 and as such are representative of the HM mineralisation in each deposit.

TZMI believes the Governor Broome ilmenite products compare favourably with other benchmark ilmenite products while primary zircon is consistent with selected competing premium zircon products in the marketplace.

The company now plans to conduct a scoping study incorporating the results from the metallurgical test-work to demonstrate the mine potential of the Governor Broome Heavy Mineral Project.